Strength and Stability Through Zacks ETFs

Zacks Investment Management has a long history of using our pioneering earnings-estimate methodology as a foundation for relevant, innovative products.

With the launch of Zacks Earnings Consistent Portfolio (ZECP), we began pairing this methodology with one of the most portfolio-stabilizing, tax-advantaged investment vehicles available: exchange-traded funds.

Our Flagship ETF:
Zacks Earnings Consistent Portfolio ZECP


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Who Is Zacks Investment Management?

Zacks Investment Management is an independent, boutique firm established in 1992. As a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the largest and most influential independent research firms in the U.S., Zacks Investment Research, we focus on data-driven investing customized to the needs of our clients.

By channeling the insights of our parent firm into a disciplined investment process, we have produced expertly managed strategies that have consistently risen to the top of their peer groups, as well as sophisticated programs like the ZECP product suite.

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